Mc Tiling Limited

Company Number: 5873685

Key data

Name: Mc Tiling Limited
Category: NZ Limited Company
Number: 5873685
Status: Registered
Incorporation date: 2016-01-14

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About Mc Tiling Limited

Mc Tiling Limited is a NZ Limited Company registered on 2016-01-14 with company number 5873685.
The company has a status listed as "Registered". The business office is registered in 7 Arista Way, Rototuna North, Hamilton, 3210 , New Zealand. The geo coordinates are 37° 43' 23.2" S , 175° 16' 2.1" E .
Mc Tiling Limited has one shareholder - Shouwu CHEN. He has one shares.
This company main business category is Tiling services - floor and wall (classified under E324340). This category is classified in Construction.

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Registered Office:
7 Arista Way, Rototuna North, Hamilton, 3210 , New Zealand

Address for service:
7 Arista Way, Rototuna North, Hamilton, 3210 , New Zealand

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Shouwu CHEN

Mc Tiling Limited Shareholding


Current Directors

NameAppointment DateStatus
Shouwu CHEN2016-01-14

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